Life science research produces innumerable and invaluable benefits for humanity. We owe a debt of gratitude to the researchers whose hard work and creativity have yielded therapies and technologies that have improved lives and fueled economies.

The ASBMB works to ensure that researchers’ voices are heard in Congress and at federal funding agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Throughout the year, the ASBMB ensures that our members engage with policymakers to advocate for biomedical science funding.

The ASBMB's advocacy activities are supported by thePublic Affairs Advisory Committee.

The ASBMB's policy positions

  • Advocate for sustainable, predictable and increased funding for scientific research.
  • Support the next generation of scientists.
  • Increase diversity, equity, access and inclusivity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Address emerging science related issues e.g. research security, international collaboration, pandemic preparedness, workforce recovery etc.


ASBMB weighs in on policy changes for dual-use research

ASBMB weighs in on policy changes for dual-use research

The society applauds initial steps to harmonize policies on infectious disease-related research but urges policymakers to provide clearer guidance to the scientific community.

Policy news from ASBMB Today
Study documents impact of federal funding for basic research

研究人员发现模式来帮助识别词tations that were more likely to be important to each piece of published science.

An ancient practice in need of modern-day support

August is National Breastfeeding Month.

Supreme Court rulings will reduce diversity in STEM and set back scientific progress

“The world is now facing some of its most challenging issues…. Research shows that bringing diversity to the table can help,” writes Jacob Carter of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Science activism is surging

This marks a culture shift among scientists.

Crime scene biochemistry at the Capitol

ASBMB committee members and staff educate congressional staffers on biochemistry with an immunoassay demonstration.

Resource guides

Rights and resources for STEM parents

This guide aims to connect future, expecting or current parents in STEM careers with information on how to navigate family planning and childcare in academia. Within are links to curated resources about your rights, relevant labor policies, groups that support parents/parenting policies, safety guidance during pregnancy and more.Download

LGBTQIA+ resource guide

This guide provides resources for scientists to seeking to participate in LGBTQIA+ advocacy. What’s inside: a link to the ASBMB state and local advocacy toolkit, resources for allies aiming to learn methods for creating inclusive environments for their peers and mentees, and links to LGBTQIA+ organizations.Download

Quick guide to the 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

Anew policyissued by the National Institutes of Health requires a data-management and -sharing plan when submitting extramural grant applications. Review the basics of the plan and whether it applies to you in our quick guide.Download

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Finding the funds: NIEHS funding and training opportunities

Discover the many ways you can get funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and learn more about the NIEHS's mission, relevant divisions and training opportunities.

Finding the funds: NIEHS funding and training opportunities Primary Image
Past webinars
Finding the funds: NIA funding and training opportunities

Finding the funds: NIA funding and training opportunities

Learn about the National Institute on Aging and understand the scope of research NIA supports and the many opportunities and resources for investigators, especially in their early career, to collaborate and receive funding from NIA.More

Finding the funds: NIGMS funding and training opportunities

Finding the funds: NIGMS funding and training opportunities

Hear about NIGMS' mission, divisions and funding priorities and learn about the many career development fellowships, training and research awards that NIGMS offers.More

Howard K. Schachman Public Service Award
Kizzmekia Corbett

Kizzmekia Corbett is the 2021 recipient of the ASBMB Howard K. Schachman Public Service Award for her instrumental role in developing an mRNA-based vaccine utilized by Moderna against COVID-19, as well as her time in underserved communities as an advocate of STEM education and vaccine awareness.

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Advocacy toolkit

Best practices for sharing your stories with the policymakers whose decisions affect your work.


Capitol Hill Day

A program that brings trainees from across the country to meet with their congressional leaders in Washington, D.C.


Advocacy Training Program

A three-month externship that provides the skills to create change and to become a leader for those seeking to do the same.


Advocate at the state level

Learn how to conduct a successful advocacy campaign in your state.