Science outreach and communication

The ASBMB organizes science communication and outreach activities and develops tools, resources and opportunities for members to improve their science communication and public engagement skills. These efforts are spearheaded by theScience Outreach and Communication Committee.

The Art of Science Communication

An online, interactive course that provides fundamental training in science communication.

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Science outreach and communication news
Who did it?

An ASBMB outreach grant funds a high school field trip that includes a DNA crime scene investigation.

Small grants power outreach

A DNA summer camp, chemistry workshops for middle and high school students, and symposia for students in Nigeria are among the projects funded by ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Grants.

Meet the 2023 SOC grant awardees

The ASBMB’s Science Outreach and Communication grants fund public engagement activities that foster the appreciation of science — particularly biochemistry and molecular biology — in informal settings.

Talking about science outreach and communication

Ann Stock, president of the ASBMB, has a conversation with Christina Swords about the Art of Science Communication, Community Day, outreach grants and more.

Scientists’ political donations reflect polarization in academia

This has implications for the public’s trust in science.

Opportunities from the ASBMB


The Art of Science Communication

An online course that provides fundamental training in science communication.


Science Outreach and Communication Grant

A memberwide grant to encourage new or existing science outreach and communication activities.


Student Chapter Outreach Grant

Funding for outreach activities in addition to exclusive access to expertise and resources from the Science Outreach and Communication Committee.


Science in a Flash

Learn about the ASBMB's flash talk competition and find resources to help organize your own event.



Debunking misinformation about your science

John Cook, founder of Skeptical Science website, discusses debunking strategies for misinformation that occurs within biochemistry and molecular biology topics.

Virtual event

Shaping the Narrative: Effective science communication in the COVID-19 era

A panel discussion about how scientists can use their credibility and critical thinking to cut through the noise and guide the national COVID-19 dialogue.


Science in a Flash: How to give a successful flash talk

If you had just one figure, three minutes and a microphone to describe your research — could you do it?

Science outreach

ASBMB science outreach experts discussed how the current virtual environment has motivated a transformative approach to doing science outreach.

Get involved in science outreach

Student Chapter Outreach Grant

Up to $500 in support of outreach activities in a chapter's local community.

Activity manuals and guides for K-12 outreach

How-to guides, activities and manuals created for scientists seeking successful hands-on science experiments for K–12 outreach and education.

Outreach resources

List of organizations that provide guidance and offer funding for conducting science outreach.

How-to guides for effective science communication


Science in a Flash: How to give a successful flash talk

If you had just one figure, three minutes and a microphone to describe your research — could you do it?

How to write a press release

A press release should be clear, concise, engaging and accessible to nonexpert readers.

How to start a science cafe

Science cafes aim to provide members of the public the opportunity to interact with scientists in a casual, nonprofessional setting.

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