The Lipid Research Division is a division of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The LRD represents lipid research scientists of the society and addresses concerns that include, but are not limited to, national and international visibility, representation at the annual meeting and on scientific advisory panels, and increased funding for lipid research. Additionally, the LRD serves as a platform within the ASBMB to highlight progress in lipid research and to foster communication among lipid researchers and between lipid researchers and the broader ASBMB membership.

We invite all lipid researchers to join the division.ASBMB membershipis required.

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Member Spotlight
Steven J. Fliesler

已经认可Stev视网膜的研究基础en J. Fliesler at the University of Buffalo for his work on cholesterol metabolism in the retina.

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Lipid news
Cholesterol lures in coronavirus

New study shows that cholesterol aggregates can promote SARS-CoV-2 infection to help the virus invade cells.

High-fat diet ‘turns up the thermostat’ on atherosclerosis

Researchers show phospholipid derivatives from a Western diet promote increased levels of gut-derived bacterial toxins, systemic inflammation, atherosclerosis plaque formation.

Unconventional phosphoinositide synthesis

Researchers uncover a clue to how disease-causing bacteria synthesize the tiny lipids known as 3-phosphoinositides to hijack host cells.

Hippocampal lipids linked to brain disorders

Most studies addressing the hippocampus have considered it as a whole structure, but it also can be divided into subregions along its longitudinal axis, segregating dorsal and ventral poles.

Novel eicosanoids from the COX-2 reaction: 5-hydroxy-prostaglandins

This biosynthetic pathway links lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase enzymes.


Lipid Research Division Seminar Series

Nov. 15 | Presentations by young researchers highlighting their recent work in the field of lipids. Hosted by the ASBMB's Lipid Research Division.

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Recent LRD seminars
Fine-tuning signal transaction with lipids

Fine-tuning signal transaction with lipids

Oct. 25, 2023More

Chemical biology in lipid signaling and metabolism

Chemical biology in lipid signaling and metabolism

Sept. 27, 2023More